Every moment is a fresh beginning 


Meet Tekesha Martinez

The art of expression has always been a passion of Hagerstown’s Native Tekesha FiyahFly Martinez her desires to hear, analyze and appreciate the expressions of others is slowly making her hometown an open arena for those that share this common interest. A mother of five and grandmother of four, who has dealt with the struggles of life maintaining a positive outlook. Tekesha strives to show love and inspiration in every role of her life. Fueled by ambition for what she loves. Tekesha used her trauma as her training  and introduced a platform to her hometown where anyone, with an expression, has a safe place, if only for a moment to be encouraged, inspired and motivated to be heard. With a strong belief, that even the smallest voice may carry the strongest message, Tekesha spends time building relationships through writing workshops and team building activities with the youth. Tekesha is a Community Mediator, Activist, Advocate for Youth, and poet.

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